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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Mississauga, Ontario

Lasers have been utilized in dentistry for years to improve certain procedures. At Meadowvale Dental Centre, our Mississauga dental specialists employ this innovation to improve your oral health and ensure more comfortable care. Laser dentistry is just one of many ways our specialists improve the overall patient experience and leave patients with beautiful, healthy smiles. 


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What is Laser Dentistry?

Our soft tissue dental lasers use highly efficient, low energy laser beams that target treatment areas without damaging tissues. The precision provided by the narrow beams allows our dental specialists to efficiently remove infected or damaged tissue. As a result, patients benefit from shorter post-treatment recovery time and improved overall oral health.

Using Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry at Meadowvale Dental Centre is used to improve patient experience during a number of dental treatments. Our dental specialists utilize this cutting-edge technology to: 

- Eliminate cold sores
- Treat gum disease
- Cosmetically lengthen dental crowns
- Remove soft tissue for gummy smiles
- Perform tissue biopsies

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Using soft tissue lasers has shown to shorten post-treatment recovery for patients. As lasers sterilize treatment areas, any risk of infection is greatly limited. During procedures, soft tissue lasers help desensitize teeth as well as cauterize soft tissue, which provides for reduced bleeding and swelling and eliminates the need for stitches. The laser is also quiet, which helps limit patient anxiety. Rather, patients experience little to no discomfort, and often do not need local anesthetic or sedation to relax.

Soft tissue lasers are also incredibly versatile. As the laser is low energy, it produces less heat than traditional dental equipment. Not only are soft tissue lasers safe to use around hard tissues, but they can also be used around existing metal dental restorations. This flexibility opens the door for more patients to take advantage of this technology during their dental procedures. 

Mississauga, ON Laser Dentistry 

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Meadowvale Dental Centre is a leader in providing state-of-the-art dental procedures designed to fulfill dental needs and improve patient overall health. For information about improved patient experience with laser dentistry in Mississauga, contact our practice today. Our dental specialists are here to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. 



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