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When dental emergencies catch you off guard, Meadowvale Dental Group is here to help. We can usually accommodate same-day dental appointments for emergency walk-ins.

When to Call or Visit Us

Dental emergencies can happen for a variety of reasons. If you have experienced any of the following circumstances, be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible:


Infections (usually indicated by severe pain in the teeth and/or gums, possibly coupled with fever)


Impact or injuries to the teeth or mouth


Soft tissue bleeding that cannot be controlled


Knocked-out teeth


Loose or extruded (partially knocked out) teeth


Broken or loose braces


Fillings or dental crowns that have fallen out

Essentially, if there is a need to stop excessive bleeding, save a tooth, or alleviate severe pain, you will want to visit an emergency dentist in Mississauga right away. If a restoration or dental device has failed or fallen out, save any pieces and call us to book a last-minute appointment.

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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Tooth Pain

If you experience severe tooth pain, use over-the-counter pain medication and get in touch with our dental team. Do not use heat around or in the mouth to soothe the pain.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth (or a portion of your tooth) has been knocked out and you can recover it, save it and place it in a plastic bag or small container with a bit of milk. If you don’t have milk available, you can also use water with a pinch of salt. It’s important that our emergency dentists see you within one hour for the greatest chance of restoring the tooth. 

Infections and Abscesses

Infections and abscesses are a serious medical concern and need to be tended to immediately to prevent spreading. Call our emergency line or visit your nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

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