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Straight teeth are healthy teeth! Our experienced orthodontists have helped many patients achieve straighter smiles. “Ortho” is a Greek prefix that translates to “straight” and “upright.” Orthodontists diagnose and treat misalignments in the teeth and jaws, often working closely with patients who have overcrowding or “bad bites.” Orthodontics is one of nine recognized dental specialties in Canada.

Types of Dental Braces

Whether you have overcrowded teeth, overlapping teeth, misaligned teeth, or malocclusions (a “bad bite”), dental braces are an effective and versatile treatment option. Using custom-made braces, we can correct everything from minor misalignments to significant malocclusions in patients of any age. What’s even better is that modern braces are far smaller, making your orthodontic experience more comfortable and less visible to the outside world.

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If you’ve been waiting to see an orthodontist due to concerns about the comfort, costs, or lifestyle changes associated with treatment, we highly recommend booking an appointment with our experienced orthodontists. They can help you weigh various options that fit your needs, all while working toward your goal of straighter, healthier teeth.

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