dental restorations in MississaugaDental Restorations in Mississauga 

Dental professionals provide the best services restore damaged teeth. At Meadowvale Dental Group, our dental restorations are fabricated to look and feel natural in the smile. Our practice offers comprehensive treatments to restore the health and beauty of teeth. Whether you are suffering from tooth decay or require implant restorations, contact our Mississauga dental practice today, we have the services you need.

The Importance of Restorative Dentistry

Once adult teeth have developed, they are the only set our smile has. It is important to care for them daily so that last a lifetime of use. Retaining your healthy teeth allows you to chew and speak without difficulty. However, due to unforeseeable wear and tear or trauma, healthy teeth may require additional assistance to protect their health and structure. After treatment, properly completed restorations can ensure a healthy bite, renewed aesthetics, and protect the tooth from further decay. 

Options for Dental Restorations in Mississauga

When patients’ visit our practice, we take the time to understand their specific health needs and aesthetic goals. From this conversation, we develop a treatment plan tailored to fulfill your wishes. We offer procedures and improvements to address the following concerns:

Decayed or Damaged Teeth 

If you have chipped a tooth or experience decay that a composite filling cannot repair, a crown is the recommended option. Tooth-colored crowns provide a protective cover to protect a tooth’s health and form. For patients with major decay require root canal treatment may be necessary. Crowns are applied once the procedure is complete, encapsulating the weakened tooth and strengthening its overall structure. These are also an option for patients who have deep, intrinsic stains and extensive structural damage to their tooth, as they are shade-matched to improve aesthetics. 

Replacing Missing Teeth 

Fixed bridges, dentures, and partials are tried-and-true options to replace missing teeth in the smile. Bridges are color-matched to existing teeth and require the support of neighboring teeth that have been fitted with a crown to effectively replace missing teeth.

For patients who are missing full arches of teeth, dentures are a reliable treatment option. Fabricated to fit comfortably in the smile, these prosthetics are created to look and feel like natural teeth. They are held in place using long-lasting adhesives or suction. Over time, dentures and partials require adjustment with the changing jaw, as the lack of tooth roots no longer stimulates the jaw bone, weakening its structure. 

Dental Implants and Custom Restorations

At Meadowvale Dental Group, our Mississauga dentist provides dental implant placement as an innovative treatment for missing teeth. Dentures, bridges, and crowns can be affixed to dental implants, restoring their oral and jaw bone health. Implant posts replace tooth roots, acting as a support existing jaw bone. This teeth replacement option is long-lasting and can be paired with any of our restorations. This treatment allows patients to smile, eat, and speak with confidence once again.

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Whether you have stains that teeth whitening cannot lift, trauma, extensive tooth decay, or have missing teeth, we have an array of restorative options to renew your smile. Contact Meadowvale Dental Group in Mississauga to schedule your next visit today! 


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